A B O U T    E R I C A   M A R L E Y

After being ruled by the left-brain, with analytical thinking and logic reasoning her entire life, Erica discovered a new and more creative side of herself. Erica quickly fell in love with creating beautiful, tangible products. For once in her 29 years of life, she decided to throw caution to the wind and follow her dream – quitting her job as a mechanical engineer to pursue her new passion.

Erica makes lamps from natural, high quality materials she finds at flea markets and second hand stores. Materials such as marble, metal, leather and wood, that are often several decades old, materials that tend to just get prettier as time goes by.

All lamps are handmade by Erica, and no two lamps are alike. Every collection consists of 10 to 12 lamps, where all are numbered and signed. From the very beginning, she has been dedicated to developing unique products.

I love the small imperfections in the materials. It is so beautiful when you can see that something has been used and given pleasure for many years. Their small imperfections imbue each lamp with soul and help tell its story.

By repurposing old materials, Erica shows that a contemporary expression can be created in an environmentally friendly manner. From a sustainability point of view, this is fantastic – high quality materials are reused locally and pollution from manufacturing and shipping is minimal.


Telephone: +47 996 17 381